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To modern eyes this was a strange household, one that exhibited a mosaic of bizarre relationships.
Back down in the valley bottom, we could hear bizarre noises.
The beautiful, the charming and the downright bizarre all have their place in the collection.
The author recalls a bizarre childhood during which she and her siblings were constantly on the move.
The author is absolutely correct about one thing - quibbling over an encyclopaedia is simply bizarre.
Nothing like a bizarre-looking sea "monster" to draw crowds to a tony resort town.
Sutures have a long and bizarre history, dating back to ancient Egypt .
He was given to a bizarre kind of fun in high spirits, and occasionally to real gayety.
The results of such dreams are comical and bizarre word formations.
Every faith has its baggage, and every faith holds beliefs that will seem bizarre to outsiders.
Maybe it's a bizarre way of keeping people there, even as they desperately want to end the conversation.
All of this is aided and abetted by the fact that pricing in higher education is completely bizarre.
It's not worth describing the remainder of the field-equally bizarre.
If their behavior sometimes seems bizarre, their obsessions are often magnificent.
But it is far more bizarre and psychologically harrowing than that.
Except that your sensationalist figures are getting ever more bizarre.
But it became preoccupied by bizarre intrigues over intelligence.
Though it sounds bizarre, mixing water into the fuel helps it to burn better.
Admittedly, the first television spot of the campaign is bizarre.
The political reactions have been little short of bizarre.
The situation is especially bizarre since the ratings agencies seem to be doing their best to nudge the markets into action.
He also jailed opponents and turned the treasury into his personal piggy bank, sometimes with bizarre results.
The bizarre coming and going of the ban is proving a great incentive for viewers to catch the film while they can.
The county clerk would no longer face the bizarre task of certifying fortune-tellers.
The bizarre incentives of income tax are only the start.
Dozens of dinosaur species had bizarre structures on their heads, ranging from horns to crests to lumps.
Others sound so bizarre they could make you go bananas.
The bizarre-looking platypus has become the poster animal for evolutionary science.
In its heyday, the reef was also home to a bizarre menagerie of other marine life.
But, before the stone, there were all these bizarre guesses as to what was going on with hieroglyphs.
Consider taking a pill to help with your bizarre expectations.
Paleontologists have long been fascinated by bizarre structures on prehistoric animals.
Stay tuned for more on this bizarre group of dinosaurs.
Studies of the bed bug's bizarre biology have revealed potential vulnerabilities.
Sunfish are weird, and you don't have to be a fish-fan to find them bizarre and wonderful.
Bizarre gait could aid design of prosthetic limbs.
She would make bizarre purchases--a stuffed fox one day and a dozen snakebite kits the next.
Scientists had thought that the animal evolved its bizarre proportions as it grew to its gargantuan stature.
As you will see, all of the winners manipulated real-world objects into bizarre placements.
How the utilities use rates for peak-shaving vs incentives to go all electric can get bizarre.
And that image of a wall of pumpkins-there's something beautifully bizarre and fantastical about it.
The otherworldliness of the scene serves only to heighten the bizarre juxtapositions on the table.
Bizarre oddities, which complicate the puzzle but are meaningless in themselves, flash by in an instant.
The building manages the neat trick of seeming exotic but not bizarre.
Bizarre creations revealed at a synthetic bio conference.
Such a substance would be a bizarre chemical curiosity.
To correct his bizarre misunderstanding of my essay would require the effort of writing a new one.
The movie camp is itself a site of violence, suspicion, and bizarre behavior.
It's a bizarre place, and there's no other way of saying it.
Yeah, playing with puppets, kind of writing bizarre musicals that will never get produced.
Thus the reason for the press conference, which was exactly as bizarre as you might imagine.
The conclusion was bizarre, and it was deliberately aimed at minimizing the prisoner's significance.
And so you had this bizarre isolation, but also this cacophony of people trying to yell through door slots.
It wasn't bizarre to me that these things belong together in some way.
The warning is that the human body can be a place where bizarre-- and potentially deadly--chemistry can occur.
Something else must be happening in this bizarre creature and for now, it's a mystery that goes unsolved.
People with a bizarre condition called synesthesia see sound, smell colors, and taste shapes.
Ethics has a bizarre blind spot around parents and children.
But sometimes, these body parts are so bizarre that their purpose is a mystery.
That's what holds a proton together, and that's what gives it a bizarre internal structure.
As it turns out, he's not the only one with this bizarre condition.
She never moves from her spot, speaks in a bizarre, sing-song voice and rarely makes sense.
Students under the influence of bath salts may exhibit bizarre behaviors uncharacteristic of their personality.

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