bittersweet in a sentence

Example sentences for bittersweet

As a professor, attending graduation ceremonies and parties is always a bittersweet experience for me.
He made it his theme tune, adapting its originally bittersweet words to the needs of the time.
Uncover the bittersweet story of this ancient treat.
Fill peanut-butter cookies with bittersweet chocolate, caramel sauce, and marshmallow.
There was a bittersweet feeling among fans who are watching the last film in the series.
Yes, saying goodbye to a cherished leader can be a bittersweet experience.
It is no longer enough to understand the difference between milk and bittersweet.
Having one's paranoia confirmed is kind of bittersweet.
We will remember times spent with our friend with bittersweet memories.
But the experts haven't yet learned how to treat the disease effectively, so the breakthrough is bittersweet for the two sisters.
It was an honor to have the chance to do so, but there was also a bittersweet irony to the experience.
But finding plastic on the beach, even if it's your main art material, is always bittersweet.
For moviegoers, however, the triumph is bittersweet.
Henceforth, for me, progress will be somewhat bittersweet.
Its installation is at once triumphant and bittersweet.
When something is really bittersweet, you really can't taste the sweetness to it.
But it's actually more of a bittersweet reflection on regret and loneliness.
Time for a slightly bittersweet piece of airplane art.
There is a bittersweet quality even to some of the good things gained.
In particular, people should be on the lookout for bittersweet, multi-flora rose and teasel she says.
It's a warm bittersweet-chocolate cake in a pool of caramel strewn with cocoa nibs, and on top is a scoop of salted peanut gelato.
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