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Example sentences for bitterly

Americans are bitterly divided about whether technology is good or bad, whether it elevates our lives or corrodes our values.
Within clans there are family subclans, often bitterly divided against each other.
So she sat down on a ridge and began to weep, and so bitterly that two streams ran down from her eyes.
And the reasons for that, while complex, lie in the bitterly contested politics of technological innovation.
He was even bitterly condemned for having taken his own life.
They will fight bitterly with colleagues of their own rank about who should be first author on jointly authored publications.
But still one wonders how he expects to get the nomination from a party so bitterly opposed to that view.
Two half brothers each claimed the ancient crown, and the family split into two bitterly feuding factions.
But the area is bitterly contested by many armed groups battling over territory teeming with mineral riches.
Her parents were bitterly opposed to the romance because of his marital status, and the couple had lived largely apart.
They have complained bitterly that they weren't informed about the yearlong investigation.
But the result was a bitterly contested stand-off that lasted for eight months.
History recounts that bitterly contested nominations usually produce losing nominees.
If parents detest each other and quarrel bitterly, their kids may actually benefit from a divorce.
Big dams may seem popular, but they are also bitterly resisted.
Fans complain bitterly about the rising price of live music.
Winter temperatures are usually cool, though the wind can make them bitterly cold.
The camps were bitterly fought and hated from the beginning: the wonder is that a single tent survived.
In the bitterly cold winters, chiru grow a wooly coat, which is shed in the spring.
He encountered rough seas, bitterly cold weather, and dangerous icebergs.

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