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Example sentences for bitterbrush

Bitterbrush also goes by the common name antelope brush or antelope bitterbrush.
Stands of bitterbrush can become decadent with no use and mature plants should be browsed for good forage production and vigor.
Expanses of sage and bitterbrush, in the dryer areas, lend diversity.
The area is mostly montane chaparral habitat dominated by sagebrush and bitterbrush.
Bitterbrush, noxious weeds and dead vegetation must be removed in this area.
The land is gently sloping and all but the highest portions are dominated by sagebrush and bitterbrush.
Goat use in fall increases bitterbrush browse and reduces sagebrush density.
It is often found among manzanita, bitterbrush and sagebrush, but not exclusively so.
Bitterbrush and alkali desert scrub are also commonly present.
The sagebrush-bitterbrush habitat is a critical deer winter-range area for migratory deer.
Other important shrubs such as bitterbrush would be unaffected by the treatment.
The southern portion of the unit includes extensive stands of bitterbrush making it an important mule deer wintering site.
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