bitter end in a sentence

Example sentences for bitter end

Still, there is no need to actually go through tenure denial to the bitter end, if you are afforded the opportunity to withdraw.
So instead they'll choose to litigate cases until the bitter end.
It was an incredibly entertaining game, and both sides fought it out to the bitter end.
To the bitter end, they failed to meet their father's expectations of them.
For the students, it was a bitter end to a day that had already started going wrong.
Two members stuck to the apple blossom to the bitter end.
The pennant shall be spliced on a thimble and shackled into the bitter end of the top chain.
And of course, at the bottom, there's always a group of people who will fight you to the bitter end.
Belt has hook and loop along the entire length for servicing the bitter end down.
They were there, several of them to the bitter end helping us put this report together.
Lewis knew coal operators would resist to the bitter end, but that didn't matter.
Miners have no alternative but to wage the con test to the bitter end.
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