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Despite all these sensory tools, many scientists say that great whites don't always know what they're biting into.
These decisions drew biting criticism, from inside and outside the court.
But it also meant a nail-biting journey in the car with my father, for whom driving was sport.
Do not talk about back-biting faculty, dullard students, or living in cow country.
Then she was quiet for a second, biting an unpolished fingernail.
Bobby grew depressed and emaciated and began biting his own arm, leaving permanent scars.
They have thanked me by cleaning the stinging and biting insects out of my neighborhood.
It feels really good to sit outside at night without any bug spray on and still no bugs biting or stinging you.
Think vividly of cutting open a juicy lemon and then bringing it towards your face and finally biting down of the sour fruit.
When he sat down, he would jump up within seconds as if something was biting or poking him.
Below the eyes are the two large chelicerae which carry teeth for biting prey.
Plus corporate infighting, ankle-biting, and all-around backstabbing.
Though he is desperately ill, his spirits are as alive as ever: gracious and funny, brilliant and biting.
The paper caused quite a stir, and some in the security community regarded it with biting criticism.
Stop biting your nails or seek excuses why it is not viable.
Thunder growled in the distance, and gusts of biting wind were driving huge drops of rain over the thirsty plain.
He lost no opportunity for indulging in the biting wit and faculty for stinging retort for which he is celebrated.
Thereat her faultless teeth gleam between her lips and, in biting the crust, cause a slight crunching sound.
By biting and scratching cats and dogs come together.
For me, reading it was the literary equivalent of biting into a large, pumped-up soufflé.
He's got his stubby neck curved round, biting at the gaff.
We found out about his biting his fingernails and a lot of other things that paled next to his announcement.
And there is one nicely biting dissension on the staff.
The injury bug has been biting teams relentlessly throughout the first month of college basketball season.
Yet despite those bad actors, you will rarely get an infection by biting the inside of your cheek.
Researchers are also looking at ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting people.
Jaws evolved in the first place, he says, not for better biting but for better breathing.
Their mandibles are not hollow, which means they cannot inject anything using while biting.
And they all became synchronized in their leaf-biting, typically clamping onto a leaf around noon.
But any archaeologist working here must contend with much more than the blistering heat and biting flies.
It is a little anxiety-provoking, but the results will be mind-blowing, so the nail-biting should be worth it.
Occasionally, the crowds would get too much and the bees experienced pollinator-rage, biting and wrestling with each other.
Biting a wasp is a gateway to injecting yourself with horse blood.
The next time you walk in the woods, try biting some wild fruit or seed.
But snapping the perfect shot of the jaw shattering bone is a nail-biting trial-and-error process.
Inform students that mosquitoes, lice, and other biting insects need blood to survive.
As you savor each mouthful of a delectable dish, you're also biting into a tasty way to explore the world.
Unfortunately for us and them, nothing was biting that day.
The two main issues they are working on is training the puppy to do her business outside and biting.
His victory wasn't without a few nail-biting moments.
Warming raises the biting and reproductive rates of mosquitoes and prolongs the breeding season.
All of this is seasoned with an enormous and aggressive population of biting invertebrates.
If you told them they could gain an edge by biting the heads off of endangered sea turtles, they'd do that.
In the biting cold, not many of its residents stroll the permafrost streets for pleasure.
These insecticidal leaves would have discouraged fleas and other biting arthropods-and possibly mosquitoes, too.
In the past year or so it has been both biting more ferociously and barking more loudly.
Nearly a year will have been wasted by the time the reforms start biting.
The economy has slowed and higher interest rates are biting.
Injuries to humans by biting animals are significant public health problem.
Stinging or biting insects or scorpions can be hazardous to outdoor workers.
Reduce the chances of your dog being involved in a biting incident by avoiding these risk factors.
The weather is often warm and pleasant, and the biting insects have mostly gone away.
There's time-lapse photography, footage shot on infrared film and some nail-biting moments that are milked for melodrama.
Smaller salmon biting closer to surface using yellow lures.

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