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It's also a little tiny bit fun, not to mention a little tiny bit beneficial.
On a micro-scale, related bits of information may be scattered far apart, and it's impossible to figure out what bit encodes what.
Grab a piece of wholegrain bread with peanut butter and a bit of jelly freeze tube yogurt and eat it as ice-cream.
But being able to feel a bit better-off than someone else makes it a bit more bearable.
West's old-growth forests may look quite a bit thinner in the future.
Standing now, he wobbles a bit as the trio arrange themselves so mom can slide into the seat.
Yet this bit of film is one of the rarest in existence.
Without that context, the article reads quite a bit differently.
In the event, however, the protest was a bit of a damp squib.
With a bit of advance planning it's even possible to arrive at the park by ferry.
The discovery of a nearby solar system renders our corner of space a little bit less lonely.
It's a tradition of discovery that, bit by bit, adds up to knowledge.
The last block on a long wall, called the closure block, is a bit tricky to install.
And bringing social and health services onto campus makes everyone's lives a bit easier.
Some of the curator's choices seem a bit odd and the written descriptions, which add little, are occasionally heavy-handed.
The method is simple, even if accomplishing it takes a bit of gear.
Researchers provided males with potential gifts-either a fly or an inedible item, such as a bit of cotton.
Unfortunately, though, some people might think this is a bit of false advertising.
The easy swirl of ginger butter at the end adds a bit of flavor and a lot of style.
Observing the effects of perigee on the moon itself can be a bit trickier.
Bit by bit, take your joy from the small things and learn to happily fart around again.
It can be mysterious and exciting, even a little bit scary.
Once you get your grafted tomato plant home, you have to handle it a bit differently than you would seed-grown tomatoes.
It's an unfortunate fact of life that people often shrink a bit as they age.
One bit of folk wisdom does have some merit-eating chicken soup when you have a cold really can help alleviate systems.
Seafood purveyors don't do it for you because the process roughs up the flesh a little bit.
Do the same with the other sheet but make it a bit bigger so one will fit inside the other.
When drops of rain fall, some of them flow downhill, each carrying a bit of dirt.
Visitors who want a bit of quiet will also welcome a stroll down the bay's pristine coastline.
Choosing the right products to keep your plants healthy can often be a bit confusing.
The largest study of a tiger population has yielded a rare bit of good news for the highly endangered cats.
Texture a bit rough for eating, but fun garnish for cold drinks and berried desserts.
In this video, he explains a bit about how the brain develops and how it can be retrained.
Understanding how this makes any sense, though, requires a bit more explanation.
Plants gone a bit wild contribute to the sense of whimsy.
But even the happiest place can be a little bit happier if you know the tricks to enjoying it at its best.
Heat and a bit of blackening gives the tomato a savory depth that's only enhanced by toasted chiles.
Plants often look a bit droopy after being thinned, but they usually recover.
They may seem a bit pricey, but a few go a long way to enhance other foods.
These supplies may seem a bit mad-scientist, but they're easy to use.
Dig into the hillside a bit at each tier before putting down the stream liners.
Such a situation, a common exercise in group therapy, is a bit extreme.
And with a bit more understanding, patients can become participants in their own health.
It may also have cannibalised its existing sales by offering value meals that were a bit too irresistible.
Robustas, hardy but a bit harsh, usually end up in soluble form.
There is a difference between a natural object and a bit of territory.
One of my siblings is in quite a bit of financial stress.
Two, this has been discussed on the forum quite a bit.
Tell us a little bit about work with indigenous and traditional groups in this region.
Your new job as a naturalist requires you to know quite a bit about your local flora and fauna.
Few firms nowadays think about strategy without adding a bit of game theory.
The hosts help themselves to some of the sugars and even gain a bit of added color.
The townspeople are skeptical at first but soon bring small offerings: a head of cabbage, a bunch of carrots, a bit of beef.
When an organism is growing there is quite a bit of proliferation.
Hares are a bit larger than rabbits, and they typically have taller hind legs and longer ears.
And our equipment to date has been able to do only a little bit of the required searching of all those possibilities.
Looking back on those letters, they seem forced, and a bit too challenging.
That's the important bit about not wanting oil to run into the engine.
Bruhn may have been a bit apprehensive as he sized up the two artists.
Western lowland gorillas tend to be a bit smaller than their mountain cousins.
It's one that maybe is a little bit idiosyncratic, but that benefits from that little extra bit of style.
Now, she'll be going on leave in the spring after having taught only a little bit in the fall.
Even to scientists, the question of where great discoveries come from is a bit of a mystery.
Range feeding sounds easy, but this may require a bit of regulation.
For faster coverage, space plants a bit more closely than normally recommended.
May look a bit shabby in winter but revives rapidly in spring add to my plant list.
It's really a mirror, put there to give the space a bit more light and depth.
The smoky flavor of the grill adds a bit of umami to this vegetarian kebab and noodle dinner.
Yes, and if he would, that would be the first bit of attention he has given it all evening.
It cooked mostly on the first side, and then he flipped it to crisp up the pork a bit.
It's a bit more expensive but yields more tender and flavorful meat.
Or use a soda siphon to give your soup a bit of fizz.
Even cream itself is used sparingly: a little in the soup, a bit of it whipped to garnish the dessert.
Now, suddenly, the bit war has shifted into reverse.
The latest engineering edict is that one single bit is all you need.
Being too controlling and a bit obsessive-compulsive.
It was an apt phrase for a speech that, historically, is calculated to offer a little bit of everything to practically everybody.
The smart bit is that the tubes' conductivity is affected by cracks in, or corrosion of, the painted surface.
Many, perhaps almost all, have been every bit as futile.
Storing this bit, so that it can be acted on, requires energy.
It helps of course that the talk of imminent euro break-up has subsided a bit.
It may also reflect the success of the bank's aggressive easing-inflation expectations have edged up a bit.
Bit of a stumbling block and quite besides my overall opinion on bonobos which is clear.
Jets are complicated things with many particles in them, you can imagine being off by a bit.
Doctors are rediscovering a disgusting but true bit of folk wisdom: maggots make a great cure for infected wounds.
But the spiders themselves are looking a bit sluggish.
By the time the human has reached where the turtle was, the latter has already advanced a bit.
It's a bit tough to see, but it's the oddly wobbly circular shape right in the middle of this photo.
Unfortunate since those catalyzed connections between humans would be the really exciting bit.
When one particle interacts with another, the bit strings can end up being modified to produce other bit strings.
It's quite distinctive, even if it doesn't posses the pointy bit that proves you're descended from a monkey.
My connection was a bit slow and quirky and it cut off a headline that said something about a disaster with the shuttle.
Demand for data storage keeps going up, even while consumers expect the cost per bit to keep going down.
In fact, until now, it has been a bit too promising.
There were a couple of items in the article, however, that got me a bit confused.
His lab is an engineer's haven-and a bit out of place in a medical school.
There's a useful bit of info not being made quite visible enough, then.
Social distinctions in the provinces were every bit as complex as those in big cities.
Though these land-based robots may seem a bit more primitive than their airborne cousins, they are catching up quickly.
She would paraphrase almost the whole storyline, and every clever bit in the movie seemed to end up in the review.
The higher the bit color used for displaying graphics the more realistic the image will appear.

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