bisque in a sentence

Example sentences for bisque

In here, the tomato bisque is made by a popular, local chef.
When the bisque has reduced, remove from heat and stir in the tarragon.
Both onion soup and lobster bisque lacked character.
Popular starters include a heady lobster bisque, leeks vinaigrette, and shrimp salad with basil.
There are sculptures in bronze, marble, bisque and ceramic.
She ordered lobster-and-crawfish bisque and a salad.
Participants select a pre-fired bisque item and paint their piece as they wish.
Put them in a freezer zip loc bag and keep in the freezer until you want to make shrimp bisque or a flavorful sauce.
Oyster bisque is a favorite supper dish for the holidays.
In contemporary ceramics studios, customers decorate the bisque-ware with either non-toxic glazes or acrylic paints.
The part is then bisque fired and sintered to complete the densification process.
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