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One aim of the research is to develop effective culling strategies for the island's bison population.
Reindeer receded northward and eastward, and bison and horse followed.
The skin of a bison dressed without removing the hair, and used as a travelling rug.
The koala makes a sound that should require a bison-size body.
Horses and bison disappeared from the region, although populations of those animals survived in other parts of the world.
Other projects have reintroduced tortoises, bison and falcons into their old haunts.
You'll see elk, deer and cranes, and get so close to a herd of bison that you can practically smell their wooly fur.
The painting contrasts the vast number of bison swimming across the river with the handful of explorers in a rowboat.
Spelunkers exploring the cave found about half a dozen images of animals, including two rhinos, a bison and a horse.
For a day and a half, she eats and dozes in the same spot, ignoring the huge herd of bison that graze nearby.
They ate deer, bison, maybe a bit of elephant and rhino--and also human beings.
With their large, sharp horns, bison are formidable foes.
The idea is to manage the range as if it were wild, and cattle as if they were bison.
Rangers tell people to keep their distance from bison and steaming geysers.
The park is home to thousands of large and small animals, including bison and grizzly bears.
These two areas are the best places to view grizzly bears, bison and elk.
Bison is also nutritionally healthier for you than skinless chicken and pork.
While bison may seem as harmless as cows, they can be much more dangerous.
Bison hunters may retrieve animals any time during the day.

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