biscuit in a sentence

Example sentences for biscuit

It's so big that its sweet biscuit topping has to be stirred with canoe paddles.
Set a cookie or biscuit cutter in a medium bowl, then set mold on top.
One company wants to use it to test whether a biscuit can release a specific nutrient in the small intestine.
But they know that, once inside, you'll probably opt for a sausage biscuit anyway.
Make a hearty venison pot pie with vegetables, potatoes and a biscuit topping.

Famous quotes containing the word biscuit

The menu was stewed liver and rice, fricassee of bones, and shredded dog biscuit. The dinner was greatly ap... more
"He is so polite!"MYes, he is always prepared with a biscuit for Cerberus and is so timid that he assumes e... more
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