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Example sentences for birthday

Consider using the date of your birthday each month to remind you to go out exploring.
Have each student commit to doing an exploration activity on the date of their birthday each month.
Perhaps they had a bad experience with an unprofessional clown at a birthday party.
Follow the link below to enter your name and birthday message.
We've prepared a special birthday menu of past posts to peruse.
Combine this with with occasional live music and plant sales, and you have a birthday bash to remember.
Today, a great geek, literary and comic book icon celebrates a birthday.
Over the years his birthday gifts have sent him parasailing, on hot air balloons rides, and zip-lining through canyons.
As many as seven in ten won't live to see their fourth birthday.
We may be celebrating a birthday or having a little dinner party.
Leave it to a cartoonist to have his birthday on a day when people have to cook him a big meal.
Our children had played together, had had birthday parties together.
The world's population is thought to have reached that milestone on his birthday.
Cooper gave a red hat and a copy of the poem to a friend for her birthday.
Leave birthday greetings in a comment if you're so inclined.
It also tells them whose birthday it is and how to dress.
We were checking out this article at a birthday party here at the beach.
It all started with a birthday party this past winter.
The sad thing is is that it was my grandpa's birthday.
In fact, the problems that now confound robot programmers are puzzles that human infants often solve before their first birthday.
It's a natural fit for practically any get-together-from a simple family birthday celebration to an elaborate dinner party.
If you want to celebrate the universe's birthday, you might need to add a few more candles to the cake.
In truth, as the euro approaches its tenth birthday celebrations, it is facing the biggest test of its short life.
However, as she approaches her eightieth birthday next year, she has been having an easier time of it.
He was only a few weeks away from his eightieth birthday.
Daley won and took office on his forty-seventh birthday.
Something about the scene made me think of a birthday party.
Some have wondered if he entertains at birthday parties.
They know that birthday parties are happy times and scoldings are not.
The two met at the birthday party of a mutual friend.
They want to get something for penny for her birthday.
Or my birthday, or any other day that starts with sunrise.
Knowing her husband's devotion to reptiles, she gave him an emerald-tree boa for his birthday.
Your spiritual practices clear your mind, especially on your birthday.
On this fine occasion of your birthday, take a moment to review the road traveled, and plan a journey for the coming year.

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