birdbath in a sentence

Example sentences for birdbath

Birds flipped themselves, dry and hot, in the empty birdbath.
Add a birdbath, garden pond, or other source of water.
The birdbath should be cleaned frequently and water replenished as often as necessary.
Use circles, x's or other symbols for features such as a birdbath or bench.
The mud around the edge of a pond, under a hose bib, or a birdbath may already be a popular spot.
Strongly colored roses are excellent for accenting garden focal points such as a trellis, garden statuary, pond or birdbath.
The minimal flow of fresh water keeps the birdbath algae free.
As many gardeners are bird lovers, consider a birdbath, nesting box or a bag of birdseed.
If you have a birdbath make sure there are shallow areas for the hummingbirds to bathe.
Install a birdbath in an area where it can easily be observed and maintained.
If you choose to have a birdbath, disinfect it weekly to avoid disease transmission.
Another invention is a solar-heated birdbath that keeps the birds' water thawed during icy winters.
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