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He would have had to be a bird of prey, a handsome hawk, to pry a bankbook from their fingers.
Object of myth and poetry, the common raven is an intelligent bird of prey.
Nesting platforms are also available to osprey, a bird of prey species that was almost wiped out due to pesticide poisoning.
The osprey is the only bird of prey to utilize this habitat where it feeds on its primary prey, fish.
The average falconer may spend as long as two years training a bird of prey before it is ready to hunt.
Events include bird hikes, wildflower hikes and a bird of prey program.
Albinism has been reported to occur more frequently in this species than in any other bird of prey.
The peregrine's temperament was unlike any other bird of prey.
As a bird of prey, the burrowing owl is an efficient hunter of small rodents and large insects.
The snail kite is an endangered bird of prey that feeds almost exclusively on apple snails.
The osprey is the only bird of prey that plunges into the water to capture fish.
The event included tree seedling giveaways, a bird of prey show, informative seminars and a hybrid- and alternative-fuel car show.
The hatchability of eggs from a bird of prey, such as a falcon, that consumes treated pigeons will not be affected.
It can take years before someone with a budding interest in the sport can actually own, then hunt with, a bird of prey.

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Do let him read the papers. But not while you accusingly tiptoe around the room, or perch much like a silent bird ... more
"And wisdom is a butterfly And not a gloomy bird of prey...."... more
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