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She has written for newspapers and magazines about her bipolar illness, .
He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Omar's bipolar disorder makes him see life as a cruel slog, with nothing but death to look forward to.
Lithium is given to people with severe bipolar disorder.
Everything in nature is bipolar, or has a positive and negative pole.
The cochlear nerve or root, the nerve of hearing, arises from bipolar cells in the spiral ganglion.
When Camille was 6, a child psychiatrist diagnosed her with bipolar disorder.
Soon after her marriage in 1913, her bipolar husband had a mental breakdown.
She spent a decade there, working with students who were autistic, bipolar and borderline schizophrenic.
Aggressive drug treatment for young children labeled bipolar has become common across the country.
Extinguished by this bipolar debate are thinkers who don't believe their truths to be the only truths.
Jobs is bipolar, and they can be visionary, inspirational and charismatic.
BiPolar individuals can have a manic, can do, energy that is breathtaking.
We need the depression prone bipolar creative genius.
Second, the patient may have been misdiagnosed with depression when they were actually bipolar.
For half a century, lithium salts have saved thousands from the potentially lethal grip of bipolar disorder.
Having a mixed up body clock has been linked to a vast array of ailments, including obesity and bipolar disorder.
All subjects had been diagnosed clinically with either schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.
Such depression, whether uni-polar or bipolar, does not respond so well to psychological intervention and needs medication.
For example, many patients show both bipolar and schizophrenia symptoms, blurring the boundaries between the two disorders.
Are not disorder such as bipolar and unipolar depression diseases with an onset around or after teenage years.
The study did not show any connection between paternal age and bipolar disorder.
For people with bipolar disorder, thoughts can race so quickly that the manic feeling becomes aversive.
Early use and regular use of marijuana has been linked to schizophrenia and bipolar.
Another examines a family legacy of bipolar disorder and suicide.
Jennifer gives her an opening to tell her life story, and she's bipolar.
And unlike bipolar disorder, which brings periods of euphoria, it appears to have no discernible upside.
It's bipolar, and that's not how system science works.
Over time it forms what's called a bipolar structure, because it comes out of the poles of the star.
Lithium is used as a drug for bipolar patients look it up.
But it also served as a kind of safe house when, from time to time, he was in the down cycle of bipolar disorder.
There he was found to have bipolar disorder accompanied by paranoid delusions.
As bipolar diagnoses in foster children rise, informed.
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