bipedal in a sentence

Example sentences for bipedal

What initially separated them and us from other primates was habitual erect, bipedal locomotion.
As that bipedal ape evolved into what would become us, other mammals came and went.
So it was with giddy expectation that the team began to excavate a skeleton of an unknown bipedal hunter.
Instead of a regular bipedal gait, the robot has two sets of two legs, in inner and outer pairs.
One solution is to build a bipedal robot the size of a human, but it's much harder for small robots.
Ostriches are descendants of dinosaurs, and the researchers liken ostrich movements to those of bipedal dinosaurs.
Whether it is bipedal locomotion from that of quadruped, cooking food for easier digestion what is involved is saving energy.
He and his colleagues argue that its pelvis could support its upper body during bipedal walking.
We humans shouldn't feel too bad that ostriches are our bipedal betters.
Humans are extremely bipedal, chimps are much less so.
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