bipartisanship in a sentence

Example sentences for bipartisanship

Efforts at the bipartisanship he promised have withered.
He talked endlessly about bipartisanship and national unity.
At the same time, his record of bipartisanship went completely unmentioned.
But that was when the ideologies of the parties overlapped in the middle and made bipartisanship easier.
The game definitely gets bonus points for bipartisanship.
Then again, for political filmmakers, bipartisanship is not required.
With the summer elections behind us, calls for bipartisanship are in the air.
Despite promises of bipartisanship, the president has not expressed support for either one of these proposals.
She respected all opinions and embraced true bipartisanship.
His involvement with state legislation has been one of bipartisanship and distinction.
His efforts to establish and maintain positive relationships resulted in a spirit of bipartisanship and cooperation.
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