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But there were precedents set back then for fostering bipartisan cooperation that offer lessons for today.
It formed a bipartisan council composed of business.
Yet another bipartisan panel gets ready to tackle the deficit.
The bipartisan legislation would allow consumers to demand particular websites stop tracking and selling their online behavior.
But it's important to understand that the criticism of the foreclosure program is bipartisan.
Politically, this will surely be the price of any bipartisan agreement.
The initiative to enlighten consumers has strong bipartisan support.
The two bipartisan deficit groups deserve a lot of credit for starting to move the debate beyond vagaries.
Everyone pretends to be in favour of bipartisan dialogue, but it is a dialogue of the deaf.
Once, bipartisan support existed for such an emissions-trading-scheme.
It was far-fetched to think that this supposedly bipartisan panel would provide the last word on the crisis.
All those successes were in fact delivered by bipartisan majorities.
Furthermore, if any good has come from these bills, it's the bipartisan resentment to the lobbying that bought them.
The opposition to the bills is bipartisan, as is the support.
Charged with slashing the deficit by trillions, the new bipartisan commission could deadlock or reach a grand bargain.
On these controversial issues, meaningful progress is virtually impossible without bipartisan support.
But a long and bipartisan history of wishing financial problems away has rendered state government here particularly vulnerable.
Yet an attempt to set up a bipartisan deficit-reduction commission has recently collapsed-again.
More surprisingly, in a season of bitter political argument support for natural gas has become bipartisan.
But when it comes to specifics, he hardly sounds bipartisan.
The bills have, unsurprisingly, broad bipartisan support.
There is also, however, some possibility of bipartisan reform.
He created a bipartisan commission on the deficit, but then distanced himself from its recommendations.
It's a time for new, bipartisan solutions to our jobs crisis.
There is bipartisan agreement that the deficits and overall debt are unsustainable.
His warmly gracious, powerfully patriotic, earnestly bipartisan concession speech showed what might have been.
Tester introduces bipartisan bills to create jobs, boost businesses by maximizing renewable energy.
Bipartisan support for mental health reform expected.
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