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Example sentences for biotic

The important unit of ecological study is the biotic community.
There are volumes of well documented evidence for the biotic origin of oil.
This “biotic pump” model contends that a vast forest such as the Amazon draws in large amounts of water vapor.
We can then say that the human population forms part of an ecosystem, in biotic fellowship with other forms of life.
The three main groups of ecological factors, climatic, physiographic and biotic are distinguished.
How evolution and ecology fashioned a biotic milieu.
In the natural world, biotic interrelationships are usually more complex than that.
Return them, and you have the potential to increase the biotic wealth of the ocean profoundly.
Yet they go untouched by antibiotics, having nothing really biotic about them.
The former are biotic and the latter are abiotic variables which shape the diversity and topology of the tree of life.
The direct biotic transmission from birds, poultry or humans to humans can not depend on the cold, rainy seasons or floods.
Maybe these oceans harbor similar evidence of pre-biotic chemistry.
The goal is to restore, over large portions of the continent, the abiotic and biotic processes that sustain biodiversity.
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