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My biopsy involved what can only be described as medieval instruments of torture.
If the result is four nanograms per millilitre or above, doctors often recommend a biopsy.
Days later, a biopsy revealed a fast-growing cancer in her body.
We use samples from excess lung tissue of human origin, biopsy specimens, and tissues from donors.
The receptionist told me the doctor would call me with the results of my biopsy in an hour, if she didn't go home first.
Based on such findings, the urologist may recommend a biopsy.
She had no choice but to perform a biopsy on herself.
Extract stem cells from two-day-old embryos using a non-lethal biopsy technique.
Pressure will be applied to the biopsy site to stop any bleeding.
My instructions as biopsy guy were to wait for the bang of the tag applicator before firing my crossbow.
Gastric tissue biopsy is the removal of stomach tissue for examination.
We were told that he has cancer, but his blood work and biopsy didn't show any cancer.
If a biopsy shows that the lump is a fibroadenoma, the lump may be left in place or removed.
Tissue samples may be taken with tiny biopsy forceps inserted through the scope.
The test may also be used to obtain a tissue specimen for biopsy.
It was decided to perform a biopsy on the area to see what was there.
If either are abnormal, that is when you should decide whether you want to proceed with a prostate biopsy.
Your doctor will be able to inspect the airways or take a biopsy sample.
When mammogram or ultrasound results look suspicious, a biopsy is done to test the tissue and see if it is cancerous.
Biopsy of the lung using bronchoscopy is usually done.
But she had a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy within hours of getting off the plane.
Liver biopsy may be helpful both for diagnosis and for determining treatment decisions.
The radiologist who performed the routine biopsy last spring seemed less certain.
Traditionally, a biopsy of the endometrium is the standard for diagnosing luteal phase defect.
The exact type of biopsy depends on which area of the body the doctor wants to look at.
It was one of those on which the biopsy was performed.
She did a biopsy on a friend of mine who liked her a lot.
If cancer is suspected, the doctor will order a biopsy.
More than one specialist may be involved in examining the biopsy.
In such a case a biopsy is almost routinely recommended.
If a pathologist sees such cells in a biopsy, the tumour is considered malignant.
It is interesting to note that under a microscope a biopsy of a wrinkle exhibits no telltale signs that reveal it to be a wrinkle.
Fibroblasts are connective tissue cells found all around the body, probably taken out of reindeer by biopsy.
My doctor explained the pathology from the biopsy and the treatment options.
They had done only a biopsy of the ovaries and a quick examination of her organs.
How can they prove they actually took the biopsy samples from the blisters, it must be almost impossible.
It refused to heal, and a biopsy showed it was malignant.
When a lump can be felt and is suspicious for cancer on mammography, an excisional biopsy may be recommended.
The type of biopsy performed depends in part on the location and accessibility of the lymph node.
Less commonly, white blood cells are removed during a bone marrow biopsy.
As a rule, all polyps are removed and screened for possible biopsy.
The device, which is in preclinical tests in mice, can be implanted in inoperable tumors during a routine biopsy.
The drill could biopsy it also for culture to identify organism to help treatment.
Detection would require a muscle biopsy which would not be well accepted by athletes.
He did a skin biopsy to find the problem after other tests.
Do not go on a gluten-free diet before getting the biopsy, as it can change the results.
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