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Example sentences for biometric

Employers who use biometric time clocks say that employees may initially be wary of it.
Heaven said he planned to launch the biometric security measures in the fall.
The court decided that a new electoral roll with biometric data could indeed be ready in time.
Night-vision cameras, biometric sensors and other gadgets already give snoops access to private spaces.
The newest electronic tellers come with built-in lie detectors, rely on biometric security and let you trade cash for gold.
Travelers looking to jet to the boarding areas will be able to cut through check-in lines using a biometric scanning system.
But the biometric effort still has a long way to go.
Heck new airport scanner generate biometric could double check shirt and shoes are the correct size.
That's where the biometric fingerprints, background checks and interviews come in, he explained.
It may someday contain banking data and biometric data.
If successful, the unprecedented effort would form the largest biometric database in the world.
Proponents say they are less intrusive than other biometric scans and highly effective.
Sanders said, will check in by offering a fingerprint to a biometric scanner.
Several exhibited different biometric devices that would scan fingerprints and other invariant parts of a body.
The lab bristles with biometric surveillance technology.
The first biometric technology to become widely used was hand geometry.
With airports tightening up security, biometric technologies such as face recognition may come on line.
Biometric id data could be stolen, will certainly be stolen.
Performance of biometric systems is dependent on the quality of the acquired input samples.
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