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Cancer research is but a small segment of the total human endeavor in biomedical sciences.
So far the biomedical world has dealt with the problem largely by wishing it would go away.
The ethical and moral issues that surround human cloning, for reproduction or biomedical research, are significant.
Dogs are important to researchers because they can be used as biomedical models for understanding human diseases.
But it could transform the future of computers, especially in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications.
When the chimpanzees are retired, many of them are sold into biomedical research.
The customers in nearly all cases are legitimate scientists working on biomedical research.
He's a biomedical researcher and a furry celebrity of sorts.
Transgenic animals are a key tool in the biomedical researchers' toolbox.
And what we're finding out now, is that there is so much to learn from them in terms of biomedical research and in biotechnology.
These grants are the chief way for biomedical researchers to establish themselves.
But in addition the prison was probably the nation's largest site of biomedical experiments on human beings.
At first blush, these are nothing but rosy times for biomedical researchers at universities.
Why it is time to end invasive biomedical research on chimpanzees.
US health bill promises changes for biomedical researchers.
Biomedical engineers have built many types of human organs in the lab, but they've lagged on lung tissue--until now.
Biomedical breakthroughs rarely outdo nature itself-despite our ever-increasing knowledge of new materials and processes.
One of the dreams of biomedical scientists is to be able to transform adult cells into other kinds of cells.
Implications of correlations between skin color and genetic ancestry for biomedical research.
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As is so often the case with biomedical research, however, the practical applications are still far down the road.
There must also have been a realization that advances in the biomedical field would be a boon for the state's economy.
In the biomedical area, the people who are bringing you all the novelties occupy the moral high ground.
They never mention the biomedical proof that consistently proves them wrong.
His animated faces move according to biomedical data gathered from facial surgeons and anatomists.
Making surfaces able to repel fluids-whether water- or oil-based-is also important for industrial and biomedical applications.
Tiny sensors could be used for other biomedical monitoring, such as tracking the progress of tumors.
But technologies created by his team are crucial to modern biomedical research and will be to future medical practice.
Many are biomedical experiments, including research on drugs and treatments for diseases.
Swine have increasingly become utilized as biomedical research models in the last two decades.
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