biomechanics in a sentence

Example sentences for biomechanics

Recently he submitted his first academic paper on the biomechanics of running to a scholarly journal, where it is under review.
Can often be traced to faulty foot biomechanics placing too much stress on the heel bone or the arch of the foot.
Now, he focuses on the biomechanics of diseased human cells.
To achieve this amazing speed, the fly makes use of complex biomechanics.
So their bones are dealing with an increase in weight load and a difference in the biomechanics of movement.
Biomechanics of the rostrum and the role of facial sutures.
They are actually a bit freaky physically, born with the kind of biomechanics that can take repeated pounding.
Future biomechanics studies may look even more closely at pump-related injuries and fatigue.
But when it comes to writing about biomechanics, the future is here, and it is good.
There, amid the shudder and clang of rebar and aluminum, he ponders the biomechanics of lignin and nodes.
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