bioluminescent in a sentence

Example sentences for bioluminescent

Our future may hold safe bioluminescent beer and champagne.
The lagoon is one of only five bioluminescent bays in the world.
Most of these species have bioluminescent organs on their sides called photophores.
Instead the fish is on the lookout for flickers of bioluminescent light produced by prey or predators.
Wonder how they'd look covered with the bioluminescent material instead of merely lit by it.
In the open ocean bioluminescent organisms fitfully brighten the watery depths with their otherworldly sparkle and glow.
In the cold and dark depths of the seas, some fish attract their prey with bioluminescent lures.
About half of all jellyfish species are bioluminescent-and nearly all deep-sea jellies have this ability.
On dark summer evenings, kayaks form a stream of glowing green as they ply the bioluminescent waters.
Bizarre fish with sensitive eyes, translucent fangs, and bioluminescent lures lurk about in nearby waters.
Many of the animals in this zone, including squid and fish, are bioluminescent.
Bioluminescent algae splash chemicals together to light their body lanterns.
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