bioluminescence in a sentence

Example sentences for bioluminescence

They can compost an elephant, fertilize an oak forest or light up the oceans in the eerie teal glow of bioluminescence.
Snorkelers can delight in bioluminescence at night for a mystical experience.
Bioluminescence is rare in the animal kingdom, known only in a few species of cephalopods.
More recently they have lowered cameras on cables and measured the bioluminescence on display beneath the waves.
Bioluminescence is found in every ocean, in every sea, from surface to seafloor.
All the bioluminescence glows in the dark and the eyes glow as well.
Bioluminescence helps some deep-sea beasts find prey.
Special demonstrations held every day will show you the science behind bioluminescence and how germs are spread between people.
Skin cells taken from the volunteers were cultured in the lab and injected with a bioluminescence gene found in fireflies.
Glowworms are tiny insects that attract prey into sticky, single-strand webs through bioluminescence, a cool blue neon glow.
Bioluminescence is light produced by an organism using a chemical reaction.
Bioluminescence is relatively rare in terrestrial ecosystems, but is much more common in the marine environment.
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