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Successful aquaculture takes into consideration the biology of the aquatic.
Deception and betrayal ensue when an Oxford student agrees to participate in a study of the biology of human emotions.
Killer whales, cuddly otters, and jogging shrimp are great reasons to be excited about marine biology.
What we were looking for in biology was simplicity and elegance.
The project will examine signaling pathways in stem cell biology.
Experience in neural stem cell biology is an advantage but is not required.
Some researchers today say the worries about synthetic biology are also unnecessary, and current regulations are sufficient.
Synthetic Biology is an emerging area of research, which applies engineering principles to biology.
When the biology class went badly, he and his advisers discussed options, including retaking the class.
Strong molecular biology training is required, .
You'll get a good course in bee behavior and biology along with a dose of philosophy.
In another direction the progress of micro-biology has been quite as important.
Only less important than that of mechanics was the development of biology in the seventeenth century.
And this penchant has led him to tackle some of the big questions of modern biology.
Molecular biology has been largely a reductive science that deduces the operation of living systems by breaking them apart.
Physics may concern itself with the beginnings of deep time and biology turns its eye on the origin of humanity itself.
Deconstructing birdsong may seem an unlikely way to shake up biology.
As it turned out, the anniversary coincides with the closing of one era in molecular biology and the transition to a new one.
Squabbling over common names is not only not taxonomical, it's not even biology.
New technologies and sophisticated methods are also being used to fill out our understanding of dinosaur biology.
Such research offers insight into the biology of addiction to meth, cocaine and other illegal drugs.
Venter has been a leader in human genome mapping as well as synthetic biology.
The candidate must have a broad skill set that includes molecular biology, protein biochemistry, peptide chemistry and biophysics.
Indeed, the more microscopic biology gets, the more diverse it becomes.
But the details-how you go on from the basic principles of evolution to explain large-scale patterns in biology-are more divisive.
The underlying biology of that scourge of modern humanity, cancer, looks as though it is about to yield its main secret.
Understanding what caused the extinction has implications for conservation biology.
Their goal is to learn as much as they can about the geology and biology of the vents.
If you read much popular science, you'd be forgiven for thinking that biology has become something of a banana republic.
My parents are both professors, one in biology and the other in climatology.
But such extrapolations cannot account for the differences in the biology of children.
The three biology experiments will look for gases used or released in metabolism-an aspect of life.
Much but not all of the disease's biology had been unravelled.
Biology and genetics are considered the real determinants of behavior.
Biology is now driven by genomics, not by trial and error.
Developmental biology is not known to work that way.
The biology teacher also enjoys the psychic ease of grading multiple-choice tests.
His collision with biology can be postponed no longer.
New sections on biology, sociology, and psychology are being added.
New types of scientists began to think about biology and they brought new methods and ways of thinking.
Two decades ago the field of camel biology was virtually nonexistent.
High school biology will remind you that mitosis is the process of a single cell dividing into two identical cells.
No law of physics or biology forbids cheap travel and settlement all over the solar system and beyond.
We mention the biology teacher's name and flutter our lashes, holding our hands over our hearts.
First, we've learned a lot more about the relationship of biology to ability.
Yet, this knowledge may be more reflective of the realities of biology or physics than something that humans could intuit.
They have revealed the folly of attributing group behavioral differences to biology rather than culture.
And when these were finally applied to starlings, they revealed patterns known less from biology than cutting-edge physics.
We should be a bit more humble about our ability to master our biology.
The problem of biology is not to stand aghast at the complexity but to conquer it.
Human bodies are imperfect machines in which a range of biology can take place.
One small step for flashing bacteria, one giant leap for synthetic biology.
It also has broader implications for cancer biology.
But unlike those who had previously attacked the problem, he took advantage of the new tools of synthetic biology.
He immersed himself in their arcane biology, and he interviewed numerous scientists and security experts.
The field of synthetic biology involves redesigning networks of genes to enable microbes to perform useful functions efficiently.
They are called transgenic mice, and in a nobly selfless fashion, they are revolutionizing modern biology.
All the natural history required to understand consciousness is now readily available in evolutionary biology and psychology.
Even basic biology suggests that humanity has special status.
At the present time, many technical criticisms of sociobiology have come from within anthropology and biology.
There is an immense amount of biology that is missing.
It was useful in a way that the physics and biology of the time were not.
Biology has made extraordinary progress over the last century by following a relentlessly reductionist road.
Computers are useful, indeed increasingly indispensable, in psychology and biology as they are in other sciences.

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