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We seek a broadly-trained biologist with a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching and research.
True, no biologist has really believed in vitalism for more than a century.
Giving bears snacks may keep the animals away from homes and campsites, one biologist says.
The vet and a biologist stay behind to watch over him until he wakes completely and stumbles off.
If someone asks what you do, you're a professor or a biologist or whatever you wish.
The biologist used two large-format digital cameras that continuously download images to laptop computers.
The first thing a biologist wants to know about a piece of land or water is what lives there.
We can no more catalogue every celestial body than a biologist can count every beetle.
Fisher, a developmental biologist who is a friend of the couple, led the commitment ceremony.
But in a country still emerging from colonial rule, there was no such profession as wildlife biologist.
When a biologist meets with an anomaly, he instinctively turns to the study of development to clear it up.
So the prolific biologist took his science-fiction hunch into the lab.
Hollister, who is not a biologist, clings to the belief that deep-sea life is insignificant.
Second, the genome databases are a warehouse that can be raided for whatever part a synthetic biologist requires.
Plant biologist have long puzzled over the huge variety of leaf shapes that appear in nature.
Human remains are found and catalogued, and a biologist places a small cutting from the bone or muscle into a test tube.
He is neither a biologist nor a psychologist and his book takes him into some fairly technical literature.
The snake did die, but it doesn't take a snake biologist to explain that it probably wasn't from silicone poisoning.

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When asked whether or not we are Marxists, our position is the same as that of a physicist or a biologist w... more
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