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The answer to it cannot be a straightforward technical or biological one because food is basic to life.
But what is emerging from this research is a cluster of biological markers that plant the bad seed in the brain.
Yet the three populations have evolved different biological adaptations for surviving in oxygen-thin air, a new report says.
The biological urge is too strong to resist for penguin chicks as they fledge and dive into the water for the first time.
New waterfall boxes combine a waterfall and biological filter in a single box.
The biological legacy of childhood poverty may linger for decades, leaving adults who grew up poor more likely to get sick.
There may be opportunities for teaching more advanced courses in the biological sciences and genetics.
But not all, and the stockpile cannot protect against biological agents authorities haven't seen or don't expect.
Biological controls use pests' natural enemies against them.
The fact that is has a social effect does not decline from the biological aspect, they are one in the same.
Perhaps we've got a biological oddity growing in our hives.
He often explores the consequences of food limitation on biological systems.
There would thus be a biological advantage in tribal branding, as it were.
Well-known biological controls include the lady beetle and lacewing.
But social motives are different from biological ones.
Bioinformatics involves the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to solve biological problems usually on the molecular level.
The human impulse to be kind to unknown individuals is not the biological aberration it might seem.
Scientists refer to these areas as biological hot spots.
After an update to its software, a robot scientist has recycled its previous research to make a new biological discovery.
Such a device might detect biological weapons, run genetic tests or sniff out contaminants.
He and his colleagues are also developing synthetic setae based on the biological design of the gecko.
Unstructured proteins, according to biological orthodoxy, are pathological.
Biological pollutants are especially dangerous to those with allergies, asthma and other respiratory disorders.
The biological picture of space and time must be integrated into our understanding of physics.
They manufacture other sorts of biological molecules, such as fats and sugars.
The first molecular motors will help scientists finally understand what makes natural biological motors tick.
But the track record of the purely biological approach to thinking and human behaviour is poor.
Biological controls for termites include reliance on their natural predators.
The open-source software movement has finally met the world of biological modeling.
Governments have investigated it as a potential biological weapon.
In fact, biological weapons have already been used many times in history.
Most biological colors of past geological ages are lost to time, existing only in the imagination's eye.
But for now the researchers aren't sure why the cod employ this biological trick.
Bryozoans have similar calcium carbonate skeletons as tropical corals, though they belong to a different biological group.
The robots are based on the principles of biological replication.
For years, some scientists have suspected that quantum mechanics might have a little something to do with biological processes.
If that is true, they say, the steady reduction of biological diversity now taking.
As has been pointed out, there are biological determinants in play.
He was also a useful antidote against a certain strain of biological romanticism.
Something as simple as feeding birds can change their biological fate, and even seed the formation of a new species.
Studying bigfoot is likewise damaging to the biological sciences.
Most strong biological structures of this sort-bones, teeth, shells and so on-are highly mineralised.
Spores of the deadly disease can be used in biological terrorism and warfare.
Other researchers have been looking into whether there is a biological basis to the polarized reactions to cilantro's flavor.
They even tried to get a hold of biological weapons.
Biodegradable products are those that can be decomposed by microbes and other natural biological processes.
Our over-lit nights also impact animals by disrupting biological rhythms and interfering with the behavior of nocturnal animals.
The island's geographic isolation created a wonderland of biological richness.
Children remain entirely in the dark during the biological changes and in many cases ostracize by there parents.
The research may also shed light on questions about the biological purpose of menopause.
Worse, they could inadvertently disperse any buried chemical or biological agents into the surrounding areas--with lethal effect.
Neuroscientists have long debated the biological basis for human face perception.
Biological research has been in the hands of big companies because they had the money to do the work.
Coral reefs are the rain forests of the oceans, teeming with a biological diversity that boggles the mind.
But they add that if this proves true, it might represent the earliest known use of biological warfare.
Perhaps a bigger obstacle is controlling biological developments to generate accurate calculations.
In wastewater pools they give bacteria more space to grow and thus allow biological contaminants to be consumed more quickly.
Biopiracy is what watchdog groups and government officials call the plundering of biological organisms for profit.
If it works, it will be a good example of the value of thinking about biological problems from an evolutionary perspective.
The deep seabed was once considered a biological desert.
Cultural evolution clearly happens, but it's difficult to study with the formal rigor of biological evolution.
Every time a biological age is swept aside, a few creatures remain.
Our children will sleep free from the threat of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.
Popular account of a five-year journey of geological, botanical, biological and paleontological observation.
The sheer loathsomeness of nausea and vomiting does seem to serve a biological purpose.
The question isn't whether there is a biological basis for human nature.
When their production begins to decline, they are starved for a week or two to reset their biological clocks.
They can see their biological clocks running out before they achieve the golden ring of tenure.
To consider it as a culturally-determined phenomena would obfuscate a biological reality.
Literary criticism is simply nowhere near as useful as inventing new biological weapons or explosives.
The author mentions medical and biological simulations.
Many scientists and theologians have written about how one can accept both faith and the validity of biological evolution.
All this suggests a biological, rather than a cultural, explanation for colour preference.
Researchers have found that something similar can be done with biological materials.
It would be expected to correlate with the distribution of planktonic algae-the ultimate drivers of biological productivity.
Integral to the project is further development of biological metal-recovery methods.
Unlike biological memory, though, the digitally augmented sort can be tapped by others leaving the rememberer none the wiser.
It's a fun and exciting way to learn about the biological diversity of local parks and to better understand how to protect them.
All spiders have silk genes, which provide the biological instructions for making different proteins.
Proteins from some other biological source could have somehow contaminated the dinosaur remains, the skeptics note.
The biological density in this world's largest designated marine protected area is nothing short of extraordinary.
The molecules contain the blueprint for biological development, determining everything from hair color to blood type.
Scientists have even measured its biological effects, charting the chemical reactions set in motion by a hug or kiss.
My search of medical and biological journals turned up nothing.
Saliva samples were taken before and after those tests, to measure biological markers for inflammation.
Localized gas plumes may point to biological or geologic activity.
Oligomer-linked diseases are relatively common, in part because oligomers can also play an essential biological role in the brain.
Since then, computer viruses have mimicked their biological namesakes, spreading digital disease around the world.
The new study, however, was able to shed light on the biological reason for the earlier findings.
No other celestial bodies support such a complex interplay of astronomical, geologic, and chemical and biological processes.
Think of it sort of as a chicken soup for biological weapons.
Cloning could be a blessing for the infertile, who otherwise could not experience biological parenthood.
If that same container held chemical or biological agents, or a nuclear weapon, the social costs would be incalculable.
Biological parenthood in a nuclear family need not be the be-all and end-all of womanhood-and in fact it increasingly is not.
That's why ethnically targeted biological weapons would never work.
Many, including me, have turned down engagement rings from eligible bachelors even as our biological alarm bells started sounding.
Thanks to our brain's plasticity, the adaptation occurs also at a biological level.
Chemical and biological weapons, and also oil-field sabotage and fires, were much discussed before the war.
Unfortunately there are biological consequences to altered weather patterns as well.
We were also careful to elide any recipes for developing a biological weapon.
In the biological world, things are more complex because steps in biological computations may not be independent.
The big question is whether signals from cell phones or cell phone towers can damage biological tissue.
If he succeeds, biological and chemical nano sensors will be able to power themselves.
The company employs a hybrid approach that uses a combination of thermochemical and biological processes.
It's clear, then, that the potential range of what biological systems could do is enormous.
The microscope is designed to detect fluorescent light, which is often used in biological research to mark different cells.
Most antihypertensive drugs today act on a biological system that regulates blood pressure.
Most mental illness is caused by a biological chemical imbalance in the brain.
On the face of things, quantum mechanics and the biological sciences do not mix.
As neuroscientists learn more about the biological basis of pain, the situation is finally beginning to change.
It's all part of a study on better network design through biological principles.
They apparently lack the biological wattage to shut down their startle response, and they are more prone to depression.
As a biological explanation for society, this school of thought came to be known as sociobiology.
And for many, its unclear how the biological agent works.
Researchers have yet to find any vital biological function that sleep restores.
Biological sampling represents entire gradient from minimal human influence to severely altered.
Policy and guidance on biological materials and data and human research protections.

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