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But the biographer of today must beware of adopting the unripe formulas of any immature science.
The first illustration shows not the subject, but the biographer himself.
Her family was at her bedside when she died, according to her biographer.
It was true, among much else that was not, and this is the sort of thing to keep both biographer and reader alert.
Every serial killer, it seems, now has a biographer or two.
He plainly believed that it would be useful if his biographer were able to tidy up that loose end.
With a political career in mind, he cast about for a biographer to chronicle his exploits.
The biographer of a copious self-chronicler has a particular burden: the feeling that he might be serving up leftovers.
The particular challenge of the unauthorized biographer.
Perhaps this is why his account of my book is little more than an apologia for a fallen idol and his tardy biographer.
At any rate, that is how her biographer seems to see her.
The biographer is at one with his subject in all such fine fidelity of phrasing.
It is an authorized biography by a persistent biographer that got out of hand.

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