biogas in a sentence

Example sentences for biogas

Many small scale livestock farms hesitate to invest in biogas facilities because they cannot meet the minimum scale.
The generators can be powered by biogas extracted from cow manure.
The only well-established process for this is the biogas generation, that generates significant additional revenue for farmers.
These steps outline the process of creating biogas-a type of biofuel-using otherwise unwanted, formerly living things.
Natural gas finds and biogas successes have changed the energy picture.
The article already says that on-shore wind power, biogas and new natural gas plants are cheaper than new nuclear power plants.
Instead of putting sewage residues into land fills after treatment, pyrolyse them to produce biogas or biofuels.
Heck, we're even making biogas from cow manure and renewable fuel from sewage sludge.
It is cheaper to extract methane from natural gas underground and biogas manure than from the atmosphere.
She has done research on the energy potential and environmental effects of converting livestock manure to biogas.
Biogas recovery systems collect methane from manure and burn it to generate electricity or heat.
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