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How scarcity, affluence, and biofuel production are wreaking havoc on food prices.
The oil-rich countries may not seem the likeliest patrons of research on solar or wind or biofuel energy.
One way to cut the cost may be to tinker with the plants that biofuel is made from.
When it's processed, that oil can be turned into biofuel, an alternative energy source.
Of course the price of corn has little impact on it, that's why biofuel proponents use it as an example.
However, defining biofuel strictly as ethanol is a big mistake, albeit an honest one.
Seaweed may well be an ideal plant to turn into biofuel.
Every biofuel also consumes crops that could be feeding a hungry globe.
The algae's fatty oils could then be harvested as energy-rich biofuel.
The price of crude oil has created a growing market for palm oil biofuel.
Biofuel made out of cow dung is another energy-producing project that has everyone in the village talking.
Biofuel researchers look for the good in stinkweed.
But the best-known biofuel, ethanol, is looking decidedly unpromising right now.
What's more, the wood could potentially serve as a biofuel feedstock.
In the future, when people go to the gas station, they won't even know that they're putting a biofuel into their car.
No, prices have not gone up yet as there is not an appreciable amount of biofuel in production.
The robot could, for instance, forage for biofuel while a unit on a long-endurance mission rested.
Ethanol's advocates say that such measures will bridge the gap between today's biofuel and those of the future.
Firms around the world are trying to make biofuel out of everything from trees to cooking oil.
Farmers are having trouble keeping pace with the burgeoning biofuel industry.
The biofuel industry is gobbling up an increasing share of the corn and sugar crops.
Biofuel engines for aircraft still need some work before they are suitable for long-haul flights, but should be available soon.
Since then, however, biofuel clearings and other pressures have created new concerns.
Corn ethanol is a crime against humanity, and fails to meet any of the criteria of a useful biofuel.
Biofuel's pole position in terms of usage and adaptability certainly gives it a head start.
Biofuel production is unnatural, destructive and ultimately counterproductive way of fighting global warming.
Biofuel production is experiencing a steady growth due to the fact that companies have adopted an exporting role.
Butanol-a promising next-generation biofuel-packs more energy than ethanol and can be shipped via oil pipelines.
Almost all of this water is used to boil, ferment, and distill the biofuel.
When betting big on converting wood to biofuel, first make sure you have enough trees to do the job.
Starting this year, those cars are running with biofuel in their tanks.
Hence the lithium ion batteries and biofuel engines.
He doesn't make solar panels or wind turbines or cellulosic biofuel.
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