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To begin with, the authors are successfully leveraging decades of bacterial genetics and basic biochemistry to do this work.
If disease strikes, treatment will be tailored to your unique genetic makeup and biochemistry.
Indigenous biochemistry may also have played a role.
The candidate must have a broad skill set that includes molecular biology, protein biochemistry, peptide chemistry and biophysics.
She aspires to be a veterinarian and has made good grades in her science-heavy coursework as a biochemistry major.
His path would be medical school, then a career in biochemistry.
It is more variable in seawater because of the complex carbonate chemistry or biochemistry.
Materials scientists study the biochemistry, chemistry and physics of metals, plastics and similar stuff.
The first containers of life, they suggest, were themselves neither products nor producers of biochemistry.
The findings may provide new insights into dinosaur evolution, physiology, and biochemistry.
The answer may lie in their behavior or in some specialized cellular biochemistry, or both.
But human and snail brains share much of the same biochemistry.
Yet this extraordinary molecule has other uses in addition to those of biochemistry.
Her uncle used x-rays and nuclear medicine machines to research biochemistry.
Their information is supported by medical studies and biochemistry.
To settle the question, researchers would need to find living organisms on the planet and examine their biochemistry.
No way to get around learning those biochemistry charts.
Each species of bacteria may have unique biochemistry that might be of interest in agriculture or pharmacology.
The root of addition is in the brain's biochemistry.
Big databases have caused similar revolutions in other sciences such as biochemistry and ecology.
Beer is sublime biochemistry, and to understand what you're doing you have to understand the science.
Only now are scientists beginning to understand the biochemistry that makes this possible.
The infection cannot be killed because it becomes part of the patient's genome and protein synthesis biochemistry.
Sequencing the organism's genome is an important step in understanding its biochemistry and how it preys on other microbes.
They are scanning the activity that music triggers in our neurons and observing how music alters our biochemistry.
Numerous challenges exist to making a feasible process of the biochemistry.
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