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It is considered a biochemical pesticide, since it is a naturally occurring compound.
Humans have a biochemical need to taste the unknown.
More and more drugs came on the market, offering a sophisticated biochemical arsenal for treating mental illness.
In this instance, the enzymes are selected to be used in biochemical processes to create materials and drugs.
The scientists still don't know what biochemical tricks the octopuses use to keep their venom working at freezing temperatures.
Its stickiness also keeps the enzymes attached to clogs or buildup, giving them time to work their biochemical magic.
The injected biochemical agent removes wrinkles by temporarily freezing the underlying expressive muscles.
Similarly, it appeared that there were certain biochemical differences between his bodily fluids and those left by the killer.
The madness results from an aberrant biochemical process.
Horton uses a wrongheaded form of this causality by embracing an ill-defined idea of a biochemical program.
It will also identify potential biochemical bottlenecks where enzymes might need modifying to speed things up.
But whatever you may think, the possibilities for changing your nature by direct biochemical intervention are arriving now.
Those genes will illuminate the biochemical pathways underlying disease, which will yield new genetic tests and blockbuster drugs.
Instead, it matches the ratio found when organic molecules have been through a few rounds of biochemical processing.
These might provide the necessary biochemical link between starving and living longer.
Third, it would not dissipate its biochemical effort on non-essential tasks.
When swimming, the treated mice caught up with their normal counterparts, and their cellular and biochemical deficits disappeared.
The first is biochemical: trapping the cells using antibodies that bond to them.
His take is that algae are amazing biochemical factories.
If entanglement were to have an effect on a biological level, it would have to be translated into a biochemical mechanism.
Magnesium is necessary for nearly all biochemical processes in the body.
And while there may be millions of potentially useful species, there is also vast biochemical redundancy in the environment.
Scientists have long wondered if there might not be a more compelling biochemical explanation for the drinking puzzle.
It's possible, then, that further research would uncover common biochemical causes.
There is no known biochemical mechanism that links heart disease or other health outcomes to prenatal exposure to flu.
Solving this biochemical puzzle will not be easy, but there are few more important areas of medical research.
Others focus on psychological, genetic, and biochemical origins.
Scientists are still coming to understand the many ways that epigenetic changes unfold at the biochemical level.
Before penicillin, untreatable strep throat caused lethal epidemics of rheumatic fever via an evil biochemical mimicry.
But a new discovery may help them home in on what's missing from their biochemical recipes.
They camouflage themselves from their predators--particularly immune cells--with biochemical rather than visual cloaks.
When the body senses damage to a blood vessel, it starts a biochemical chain reaction-called a cascade-to repair the injury.
Likewise with the biochemical process that allows us to see.
We are in an information arms race between bacteria and virus and our biochemical capabilities.
Also biochemical pathways and processes are shared in these groups.
For instance one biochemical system could take a piece of another biochemical system an use it.
Other times it is because humans have biochemical differences from the animals that normally feed on the plant.
We also have development data charging the same transition, biochemical data, and genetic data.
New studies reveal how cells exploit biochemical randomness.
But underneath its tranquil facade, it buzzes with biochemical chatter.
There are sound biochemical reasons for expecting some of these nutrients to be effective.
Scientists have pinpointed the biochemical mechanism in ears that works to limit damaging effects of loud sound.
No harm comes to the human host because penicillin does not inhibit any biochemical process that goes on within us.
The enzymatic and other biochemical reactions that take place in the body take place in the water environment.
But if you're out in the cold all day you also need some biochemical adjustments.
But it lacked essential systems necessary for metabolic functions, the biochemical activity of life.
These molecules, they reasoned, would enable them to observe zebrafish digestion from a biochemical perspective.
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