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Diverting land from food crops to making bio diesel however efficiently, doesn't seem credible to me.
But it is also the home of bio tech advances in agriculture.
The barriers to a bio-based fuel supply start way before cellulosic ethanol plants are built and global policy is crafted.
Vaporizing sawdust and corn stalks yields a versatile petroleum stand-in called bio-oil.
The concept of bio-fuel does potentially make sense if implemented intelligently.
Food corn and corn used for bio-fuels are different.
Anyways, sensory bio-tech is showing a lot of promise for widespread application.
Probably a shift to bio fuels will trigger higher food prices and maybe that will be those bad couple of years.
The whole world will acquire better defences against bio-terrorism and large-scale natural epidemics.
Finally, land once earmarked for food growth increasingly is being used to develop bio fuel crops.
We will be grateful to receive submissions, including brief bio-bibliographies, as early as possible.
For more on his background, check his bio here and his personal blog here.
Now a company is developing a bio-plastic that's made from trees.
The world needs diverse energy supplies, including oil sands and bio-fuels.
But the book brought the concept of bio-safety levels to far more advanced heights.
He could get a nomination simply because he went all in with his bio-epic.
The ethanol and bio fuel industries are going broke.
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