bingo in a sentence

Example sentences for bingo

The run-down parish gym is also used as a dining hall and for bingo and budget meetings.
Nearby, folks play bingo, and in the band shell a group does a sound check for the big dance.
In winter they bring their mothers here every week for free prime rib or to play bingo.
Bingo, as any teacher of writing or rhetoric would acknowledge.
Bingo, mixed departmental vote and denials up the line.
Similarly, betting shops are not allowed to be open for business on winter evenings, but there is no such ban on bingo clubs.
Smoking indoors in public areas is now mostly restricted to the likes of nursing homes and bingo halls.
Those are bingo-night stakes, but more in the spirit of such bets than the mayors' wager, which involves trading service projects.
Banning smoking at charity bingo games may have health benefits, but it is proving harmful to earnings.
Guests can also play bingo, blackjack and other games at all hours of the day and night, anytime of the year.
Going to the ballpark, visiting friends and playing bingo are simple diversions for many of us.
Bingo licenses authorize games of bingo to be conducted by non-profit organizations.
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