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Example sentences for binge

Nor, with plenty of capacity sitting idle, are firms likely to go on an investment binge.
As with many other predators-though even more so-polar bears binge on large kills whenever and wherever they can.
Binge acquiring is no longer feasible unless the target company directly and immediately enhances capital returns.
Binge eating is apparently extremely common, experts report.
Using a controversial definition for binge drinking, the study lambastes.
Researchers had rats eat normal food, then binge on sugar and chocolate-flavored snacks.
College executives are right to be alarmed about binge drinking.
The incident could conceivably have been caused by binge drinking.
Then he'll have to construct another building, find more equipment, and go on another hiring binge.
While binge drinking remains high at colleges, it has dropped among people of the same age who do not attend college.
After a binge of bail-outs, lifelines and fiscal stimuli, public borrowing is soaring.
Bulimics often skip meals until they are famished and then binge and purge.
Domestic demand has been contracting, thanks partly to a hangover from a consumer-credit binge.
Even so, the body eventually puts a stop to the binge.
The spending binge has caused the economy to overheat, pushing up inflation.
Even best mates on a drinking binge will have long silences.
It didn't spiral out of control and turn into a week-long binge.
The budget deficit is soaring, thanks to collapsing tax revenues and a pre-election spending binge.
Nor, with the exception of commercial property and leveraged buy-outs, did the rich world's firms go on a debt binge.
They led the duo to binge on securities backed by shoddily underwritten loans.
Binge-eating disorder is quite interesting and eclipses the two other eating disorders.
Most of us are aware that binge drinking is a major problem on many college campuses.
We aren't the only generation to have gone on a credit-fueled buying binge-or to regret the hangover that followed.
Meanwhile the rest of the country was still living with the hangover of its credit-fueled binge.
In the aftermath of the credit and spending binge, customers are looking for ways to do more and pay less.
The credit and spending binge has left us with a different kind of hangover.
When cocaine use is stopped or when a binge ends, a crash follows almost immediately.
Reports in the medical literature have warned about the dangers of binge drinking in this age group.
Binge drinking particularly increases uric acid levels.
Some specialists incorporate guided self-help, which tends to work well for patients with bulimia and binge eating.
There is a risk that by boosting wealth, this could spill over into an inflationary spending binge.
Britons make plenty of appalling decisions in other aspects of their lives, including binge-drinking and drug-taking.
Stricter domestic financial regulation would reduce the chances of a credit binge.
More important, there are also fewer signs of excess, such as a borrowing binge.
Diabetes, binge drinking and depression are all rising.
As long as the buying binge went on, this worked handsomely.
Binge drinking is bigger problem than previously thought.
Read the following article regarding the study on binge drinking.
After a debt-fueled binge, the world's second largest economy entered a lost decade.
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