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Weave any remaining loose ends together, trim off the excess and bind them together with not melt glue or wax.
But they weren't willing to do anything that would bind them.
It also has a part that likes to bind chemically to the appropriate amino acid.
Big skies and colorful characters bind the versatile writer to his adopted home.
More things that poke, prod, impale or bind than a hospital.
And the temporary nature of the spending may leave universities in a longer-term staffing bind.
Now the migrants who survived the tsunami are caught in a bind.
These ions bind with tiny solid and liquid particles, supercharging the particles' ability to form clouds and precipitation.
Receptors on the surface of a sweet cell, for example, bind to sugar molecules.
All vertebrates contain molecules in their cells that will bind to dioxins and related compounds.
These faculty members find themselves in a maddening double bind.
But calls for this to be achieved with a new property tax have put the government in a bind.
It was then up to the subscribers to bind the pages into a book if they wished.
For decades, the military has tried to break this bind of inflated costs and limited suppliers.
After poking them to make sure they're still alive, the caterpillars then use silk to bind the snails down.
Cloud-borne bacteria may be to blame for rain, snow and hail because they affect the way water molecules bind.
When the material is relatively dry, the pores in the synthetic fiber layers bind to each other, locking in remaining moisture.
First, here is a little math to demonstrate the bind in which private colleges and universities find themselves.
They circulate around the body and bind to invaders such as viruses, thus disabling them.
The ties that bind are not always predictable-especially in nature.
These antibodies quickly bind up the virus and can also cause side effects such as inflammation.
It is not that the pollutants do not bind to the protein-they do.
They bind the host tree in a grip so tight that it may eventually die.
But the ties that bind people around the world are not merely technological or commercial.
Not only does it lower inhibitions, it also serves as a way to bind the community of revelers together.
Once inside the cell, they bind cytoplasmic or nuclear receptors.
Adrenergic receptors are receptors which bind the neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine.
Special receptors in plant cells bind to the ethylene.
The gate will bind against the latch post if it is out of alignment or if the frame absorbs moisture and swells.
They lock the pictures down, bind them to the paper.
Indeed it is stories, past and present, that bind together the thousands of objects displayed on the floors above.
But the membranes bind together layers of material so that they take on specific contours as they fill with air.
Those of us who have flashbacks when triggered would live a life without the chains that bind us to the past.
And since edge networks depend on usage fees from content providers, everyone's in a short-term bind.
Far too many literary adaptations wear the fancy dress of high culture prestige or bind themselves into corsets of reverence.
Rhetorically, his speech sought to bind those wounds by binding us together.
He says strings of language extend in every direction to bind the world into a rushing, seamless whole.
There were things that could go in here as well as there, and that could bind both stories together.
The right is awash in proposed vows, offered up by interest groups seeking to bind candidates.
But the ties that bind remain far stronger than those that fray.
Egg and/or dairy of some kind is essential to bind and moisten.
The cooking water helps to bind the sauce to the pasta and helps the cheese to melt and evenly coat the strands.
Yet the original two memoirs, even after he amended them, could not bind his memories.
Bind with remaining butter and flour cooked together.
Rub through a sieve, bring to boiling-point, and bind with butter and flour cooked together.
Those who so bind themselves, and who are not grasping, should be loved and honoured.
The resulting mosaic does not bind us to a shared past, it separates us from it.
The ties that bind are moral, not legal or parliamentary.
And while the zero bound may not bind in a technical sense, it does appear to bind in a psychological sense.
Children are usually the glue that bind neighbors together.
In fact the logic here is the same as that of a contract where two parties agree to bind themselves to a future course of action.
Charity does not bind the recipient to the donor, but the other way round.
Melanin pigments, which determine skin color, bind tightly to nicotine.
Fiber's benefits also may come from its theorized ability to bind to toxins and move them out of the body quicker.
Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing--that doesn't bind--during your trip.
Wannabe retirees are in a bind today as they consider whether they have the financial security to make the leap.
Microorganisms, particularly bacteria, produce proteins in their cell walls that bind water-even if they are dead.
Individual receptors generally bind to a range of molecules with varying strengths.
These particles then allowed water molecules to bind together, forming droplets and avoiding re-evaporation.
We don't know yet how exactly this can change the oxytocin receptor's shape, whether it makes oxytocin bind less well, or what.
These antibodies bind directly to amyloid and then remove it, but they have sometimes caused fluid to fill brain tissue.
These antibodies bind to mast cells, which live in every tissue in the body, but are especially prevalent in the lungs.
These oxidized metals have a large surface area and a strong electric charge that helps them bind up other elements in the water.
Cortisol molecules enter fat cells and bind to cortisol receptors.
In industrial settings, engineered viruses may be able to bind to stress points in metal surfaces and illuminate them.
One need only bind to the small patch of protein responsible for host recognition.
These exchanges bind quarks together by changing a quark property known as color charge.
On the other hand, two strands that are not complementary will not bind to each other.
They bind some molecule and then do chemistry with it.
As a direct response to depleted uranium, the fungi also excreted organic acids such as oxalic acid that bind to uranium.
On one of the four light-guiding channels, the researchers attach antibodies that bind to the virus.
The peptides were designed to bind with a molecule found on the surface of ovarian-cancer cells.
The rods could be attached to probes that bind to specific biological molecules, forming bar-coded tags.
Each designed protein was ranked according to its ability to bind the reacting chemicals and hold them in the proper position.
These antibodies bind to molecules specific to cancer cells.
But when a voltage is applied to the electrodes, electrons bind to the metal ions, forming metal atoms that cluster together.
In defensive mode, surrounding cells release molecules that cause the whiskers to bind together, forming a rigid shield.
Those genes code for nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, cell-surface proteins that selectively bind to nicotine molecules.
Flu viruses have eight gene segments, and polymerase has to bind to each of them during replication.
For people still in a bind at the end of that period, the firm will take their cars back.
The signatories to this stipulation represent that they have the authority to bind their clients by this agreement.

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