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Example sentences for billing

Your account number is located on each billing you receive.
We need you to verify your billing and shipping information.
There were a couple followup letters which discuss treatment possibilities and subsequent problems with appropriate billing codes.
Every time a case was resolved, the billing structure became more fractured and complicated.
True to its billing, the box cleaned itself easily, leaving the litter free of unwanted confections in seconds.
It warrants its own billing and deserves whatever legacy or precedent it creates.
As usual nuclear power is not even mentioned here but coal gets top billing.
If the city's approach to water had changed, so would its billing.
The complexity of metering and billing would also be simplified.
Presumably, anyways, since the idiots never fixed the billing information.
Fee-for-service payment gives doctors incentives to provide more services than needed and allows for fraudulent billing.
The companies suggest that a higher level of billing can be done, but that exploits the system.
Check here if billing address is different from delivery address above.
It allows billing and personal information to be shared quickly and wirelessly.
But some advertising agencies have voluntarily moved away from billing by the hour and towards contracts that reward value.
To update your billing address, please log in to our online subscription management centre and follow the instructions.
Pre-paid billing, based on top-up cards, makes phones more affordable to those outside the business and political elites.
The agencies' weaknesses are partly a result of their structure and billing.
However, it imposes its own costs, such as highly complicated billing.
So top billing should go to deregulating cosseted industries and reforming the labour market.
With much of the euro zone in recession, structural reforms are getting higher billing.
For example, such cases typically concern permission to use data from a single source, such as a phone company's billing records.
When there is controversy over billing, defence officials can withhold payment.
It keeps costs down by handling billing, voicemail and other services online, and by outsourcing and partnering where possible.
Sales, customer care and billing are all done on the web to cut costs, as with low-cost airlines.
Unlike simple displays, they can take different tariffs into account and provide accurate billing information.
Corporate billing, payroll and inventory-tracking systems are delivered as services accessible through web browsers.
As many criminals know, tower location is recorded with the billing data.
Enter the coupon code on bottom of the billing page where your payment information is captured.
The earned points are displayed on the subsequent billing statement and are ready to use immediately.
They tried to tell me it was a diagnosis code, not a billing code.
Some customers grappled with billing mistakes that took months to resolve.
Billing is a fishing guide and he used to have a friend who owned a bakery.
After the introductory offer period, prices on future billing periods may be higher.
But communication the other way, from billing to medical, would take place too.
Paying or billing for every individual medical procedure, test or device.
Manual and electronic billing are available through your local contractor.
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