billiard room in a sentence

Example sentences for billiard room

It had a well-stocked bar with boxy sofas and a billiard room, and was half empty: a cliché, in other words.
There is a reading lounge, billiard room, and outdoor swimming pools for children and adults.
Amenities include a heated indoor swimming pool, an exercise room, a billiard room and a fully stocked bar.
The inn features a traditional parlor, billiard room, formal dining room and gazebo for its hotel residents.
On-site facilities include a pool, library and billiard room.
There is a heated indoor pool, exercise room and a billiard room on-site.
It features an outdoor swimming pool, communal lobby, billiard room and on-site restaurant.
It offered the conveniences of a library, dining hall, billiard room and state-of-the-art plumbing.
The lower level has a barber shop and billiard room.
The first floor of the addition no longer serves as a billiard room.
Along with a multi-purpose area, the center features a greenhouse, craft and sewing room and a billiard room.
It will have to go through the wall into the billiard room.
The billiard room is in one of the wings en the lower fleer.
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