billet in a sentence

Example sentences for billet

He is delighted with his billet-one where overnight guests are readily tolerated.
Here the molten metal is poured or cast from the tilted furnace into a mold to form a billet.
The billet later is worked into rods, tubes, wires or special shapes for a variety of uses.
They may need additional sizing and surface finishing, but they are nearly as strong as metal billet materials.
Billet addendums are really specific to the officer and are not specific to the billet.
However, near the edge of the billet, there is a sharp drop in density.

Famous quotes containing the word billet

Writing, madam, 's a mechanic part of wit! A gentleman should never go beyond a song or a billet.... more
Here files of pins extend their shining rows, Puffs, powders, patches, bibles, billet-doux.... more
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