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Example sentences for billed

The conference was billed as a symposium on the future of higher education.
In the business world, they pay consultants a fair wage for each hour billed.
If the contract doesn't prohibit additional charges billed after the work is complete, you can exceed your budget.
The field was filled with some two thousand dark-brown long-billed ducks, penned in by a white picket fence.
They may be billed to a credit card or a phone bill, but it's happening today.
It was billed in our program as a gala, at the fine-dining venue of the resort, with local star chefs preparing the food.
Now even the skeptics agree that the ivory-billed woodpecker lives.
Thick-billed murres are clumsy in the air, but incredibly graceful underwater.
Summer adult: a dark gray mantled gull, darker than the ring-billed gull.
Scientists are amazed at the chomping ability of a newly described duck-billed dinosaur.
It's billed as a test of popularity and organizational strength.
The duck-billed dinosaurs have been giving up their secrets lately.
It wasn't a crystal growth set at all, though that's what it was billed as on the cover.
But even litigation can sometimes be billed in ways other than by the hour.
Two groups say the ivory-billed woodpecker is extinct.
If you fail to show up once per week you will be billed the normal monthly membership fee for that month.
After that, owners will be billed monthly for only the ethanol they pump into their flex-fuel vehicles.
Sonic blasters and private security teams have been billed as some of the best bets to ward off pirates.
Advertisers were then billed by the number of user views, or impressions, regardless of whether anyone clicked on the ad.
But then, this was explicitly billed as ideological combat.
Federal regulators ruled that railroads must change the way they calculate fuel surcharges billed to shippers.
Turning it into a mutant duck-billed platypus would be a mistake.
Although it was billed as a nonviolent protest, everybody had the jitters.

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