billable in a sentence

Example sentences for billable

And, in the end, our own consulting firm will only need to charge eleven billable hours.
Some accounting, consulting and law firms are also scrapping the billable hour, often at the request of their clients.
Few managing partners know their firm's profit per billable hour, even though that is the main product law firms sell.
If this catches on, it will spell the end of the billable hour.
Note that automating discovery has cost some firms lots of billable hours.
Most such disputes produce little more than mounting billable hours from lawyers.
These kids are as tightly scheduled as a lawyer chasing billable hours.
Then you must figure out how many billable hours you will work in a year.
In order to bill, there must be two billable services within the calendar month.
In addition, new patients are diagnosed with diabetes and kidney disease each year, adding even more billable hours.
Thus, if the provider performs the above activities without the consumer present and involved, then this activity is not billable.
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