bill of lading in a sentence

Example sentences for bill of lading

Each carries its own kind of header, known as a bill of lading, which identifies its contents and owner and directs its progress.
Once there was only one valid bill of lading, which was as valuable as the cargo itself.
The bill of lading is the contract between you and your mover.
Verify that the addressee is shown on the label and the number of cartons is shown on the bill of lading.
Requires that a copy of the bill of lading must accompany a shipment at all times while in the mover's possession.
The charge was supported by a bill of lading, a scale ticket, and two certified automated truck scale weight tickets.
The bill of lading is a contract between you and the mover and a receipt of your belongings.
Exclusive use of equipment, when requested and annotated on the bill of lading.
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