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Others are sent in an attempt to bilk money from people to damage reputations.
So many people bilk the system or their employers or whomever and never get reviewed.
Suppliers gamble the rewards from future commerce for a short-term gain when they bilk their customers.
Until recently, defrauders tried to bilk homeowners out of the equity in their homes.
The incentives were more complex than to bilk shareholders by betting the ranch every time.
Some local officials who used regulations to bilk the public have been dealt with harshly.
The evidence overwhelmingly suggests that she was overtly complicit in his scheme to bilk billions from unsuspecting investors.
The existence of the placebo effect does not justify the action of using it to bilk the public.
Stings and swindles involve the use of deception to bilk people out of their money.
The defendant established several shell corporations to bilk a county for water well capacity rights.
They must also use low stratagems to bilk us more money.
The two were creating phantom truck rentals to bilk the company.
It isn't, really, to bilk the tax-payers out of as much money as possible.
Then he used his relationship to systematically bilk his clients of their life savings.

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