bilious in a sentence

Example sentences for bilious

Strange faces everywhere and a bustling, disputatious tone about it, bilious folk.
The essay continued in the same rather bilious vein for.
But bilious outbursts and business success often go hand in hand.
The money was for their bilious nephew and his crack habit, their own blood who was smoking up their lives.
Testy and bilious jibes are especially invited for the holiday season.
Point out where any of them back up the things you attest in your bilious rant.
After the fifth or sixth awards dinner, readers may feel a little bilious.
From the reports of those who know him well, he is rarely so bilious.
It can't make eyes blue, livers bilious or brains bulging.
Layers of bilious color and gritty texture enhance the feeling of thick, suffocating fumes.

Famous quotes containing the word bilious

And if his passions now and then outran Discretion, and were not so peaceable As Numa's (who was also named Pompilius), ... more
So each man, like each plant, has his parasites. A strong, astringent, bilious nature has more truculent en... more
I've been aboard this destroyer for two weeks now, and we've already been through four air attacks. I'm in the war at la... more
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