bilge in a sentence

Example sentences for bilge

No patent should be issued for the use of large glorified bilge pumps and how they are used.
Its flotation was entirely dependent on whether the bilge pump could keep up with the leakage.
In addition, avoid the use of bilge cleaners that are detergents or emulsifiers.
Trailer your boat to an area that provides containment before removing bilge or boat plugs.
The kits include an absorbent pad, a bilge pillow and a fuel collar.
Check the bilge area for oily residue, and clean thoroughly.
Insert a bilge pillow in the area to absorb oils from future leaks.
Prevent bilge contamination by keeping oil-absorbent pads in bilge.
Use absorbent bilge pads to soak up oil and fuel and properly recycle or dispose of them.
Keep the bilge clean and dry and your boat engine well tuned to prevent fuel and oil leaks.
Place an oil absorbent under the engine and in the bilge.
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