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Example sentences for bilateral

Perhaps someone can come up with a bilateral solution.
American officials are also considering their own bilateral dialogue with the North and an eventual return to six-party talks.
The bilateral relationship has been largely cooperative.
The bilateral talks were the first outside the framework of six-country negotiations in Beijing since they began in 2003.
They concluded the session acknowledging the need to make sure their top-level dialogue continued despite bilateral tensions.
Trade was doubled between 2000-05 and bilaterally reached $370 billion in 2006.
Early on, they decided against organizing the course around a single, bilateral relationship.
Handedness reflects our brain's bilateral organization, which goes hand-in-hand with our proficiency with language.
Bilateral oophorectomy, the surgical removal of both ovaries, is a surgical method of ovarian ablation.
It will be important to replicate these findings in other patients with bilateral amygdala damage.
But the substantive policy might lag behind, since there's so much bilateral trade at stake.
US-sponsored bilateral negotiations have become a formula for sustaining an otherwise untenable status quo.
It is tempting to make this entire debate about the pointlessness of bilateral negotiations.
But both still set much more store by their bilateral relationship with their superpower neighbour.
Bilateral deals are complex and tend to be bad for poor countries.
Given the grim state of bilateral relations, the meeting looked downright provocative.
Yet none of the sticky bilateral issues was resolved-nor was any expected to be.
Even where bilateral co-operation exists, it masks big differences.
Most brain structures, reflecting the bilateral nature of brainy organisms, are paired.
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