biker in a sentence

Example sentences for biker

We need to design for the pedestrian and biker in conjunction with car travel and rapid transit.
Even biker gangs tend to turn into shy little smiling puppies when an outsider approaches them.
Biker bars, hidden gems across the country that cater to bikers, are havens after a long ride.
The trails skirt the sandstone cliffs and offer something for every level of mountain biker.
Frequent walker and biker punch cards are provided so children can track their travel behavior.
Tattooing and piercing, once the preference of biker chicks and sailors on shore leave, are attracting ever younger recruits.
For touring long distances, the custom biker will ask for an intercom system and heated seats and handlebars.
He glamorized the pea coat, the leather biker jacket, the safari jacket and the peasant dress.
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