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Take your hands off the bicycle handlebars and your bike won't notice.
Whether you rely on your bike for transportation or exercise, you'll enjoy these ten fun facts on this two-wheeled vehicle.
Finally, he remembered his parents hadn't dragged him to abandoned forts, but had bought him a bike and turned him loose.
They are more apt to bike to work, take a shower and get changed.
It's easy by car, or it's a demanding four hours by bike-if you don't stop.
There is absolutely nowhere to bike and if so, would be dangerous getting there.
It could mean walking in your neighborhood, taking public transportation, or riding a bike if weather and fitness permit.
Pick a street and walk or ride a bike down the street, stopping to record data at set intervals.
With its low profile, however, this unit takes a backseat to the typical exercise bike as a practical place to drip-dry clothes.
Bike sharing exists, car sharing exists, though cart-sharing could only work in limited areas designed for that.
The island's windswept landscape was impressive, but the descending storm and my exhaustion eventually forced me off of the bike.
He's worked for the party during the last two federal elections and campaigned on his bike.
And, he has those attractive overly developed serious bike rider thighs.
Except that the only way to get there is via main arteries with bike lanes.
We were some of the first foreigners to venture into the hinterlands for a bike touring trip.
It means to ride a bike or drive a hybrid car, and to turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth.
The fourth in this do-it-all series presents bike touring done the easy way.
Pedicabs and plentiful bike parking mean going farther afield is easy too.
Bring water-plus your hiking boots and mountain bike.
We show him where to grab a bike when he wants to pedal around with his backpack and a fly rod.
As he got older, he wandered farther afield, on foot or by bike.
She doesn't have time to answer all the questions and rides home on her bike still hearing the ringing.
The bike, a navy-blue model, was parked by the curb.
In those days the only way of getting to and fro was walking or on a bike, people were pretty isolated from each other.
The bike has suffered from the indifference of car-driving rulers.
Confronting his enlarging gut, he promises to make his ten-mile round-trip commute by bike, not car.
Actually, it's a bike trailer with lots of differences.
The bike racks and benches were freshly painted navy.
But on bike rides and walks around the property, she kept finding bits and pieces of his world peeking out from the shrubbery.
In this building many people lived doing many things-cooking liver, playing the piano, fixing a bike.
Parallel parking, a skill that doesn't pop back quite as fast as riding a bike, makes me nervous.
Explore the city's extensive network of dedicated bike lanes and paths.
Cyclists are dropping, and the whole bike-versus-car showdown has become a tinderbox.
If you train intensively at long-distance running, you'll find it easier to climb stairs or ride a bike.
The researchers learned that the ill twin of the pair couldn't pedal the bike as long as the other.
On my bike rides it's been routine to see the creeks in the area swollen to the point of overflowing.
They want to reinvent the bike and and do not want to move from one place.
Getting rid of the addiction is similar to unlearning riding a bike.
But technique has more of a learning to ride a bike flavor to it.
Bike plow, the green and easy way to clear your driveway and street of snow.
Here is how you do it: jump on a bike and pedal in a straight line.
Three years later, the couple is no closer to playing off their bike than when they bought it.
The ocean people surf and run and bike along the water.

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