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Example sentences for bigotry

If we can get people laughing at bigotry, we've won half the battle.
Stop excusing your bigotry by saying you can't help it.
Perhaps if another 40 years were spent hereafter without that bigotry, it would be different.
There is no level of achievement sufficient to escape the stultifying bonds of bigotry.
She recognized that all forms of bigotry and discrimination are equally wrong.
Bigotry and racism by any other name (diversity) is still bigotry and racism.
Blatant bigotry is no longer tolerated by this society.
The bigotry has softened somewhat, but nobody wants to be considered a rube.
It is disgusting that such bigotry was so entrenched in even the north in those days.
Many comments here went far beyond skepticism and right into bigotry.
Clever effort to sneak in gender bigotry in the guise of scientific discussion.
Topics of scientific matter are pleasurable to observe and examine, but without bigotry.
On the other hand, what the author hasn't mentioned is that confirmation bias is also likely the root of bigotry.
And pulling this game from the shelves won't change the world's bigotry.
Bigotry and hatemongering against gays should be banned.
Spouted from the mouths of right-winger talk radio, the term is derisive and quite literally dripping with hatred and bigotry.
Hatred, bigotry, and ignorance don't need any particular creed.
Bigotry doesn't have to be intentional or malicious.
No one should have to live in such fear because of the bigotry of others.
They are a repellent series of tracts, full of truly appalling bigotry.
Arabs are not fair game for bigotry, lies, and hateful messages.
Tying it to a small town, with the kindness and bigotry expected of small towns, is part of what makes the show so fascinating.
The newsletters contained dozens of statements marked by bigotry and conspiratorial thinking.
Well, bigotry is bigotry and persecution is persecution.
Apparently you are transferring your own bigotry onto others.
It was a coherent, if difficult, doctrine--and not bigotry.
It also pointed up an increasingly spiteful rhetoric of bigotry.
These individuals will share their personal experiences and triumphs over the barriers of racism, ignorance and bigotry.
Let us pray for more tolerance, understanding, and against stereotyping and bigotry.
We honor you for your courage in the face of hatred and bigotry.

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