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Example sentences for bigoted

Spend a day in a third-world country and the answer will smash your narrow minded bigoted views.
Not only is it wrong, it's narrow minded and bigoted.
He was the same talented, nasty, bigoted blowhard then that he is today.
Then you spewed your bigoted notions out for the rest of us to read.
The actions of a couple of overzealous or bigoted policemen should not be taken as representative.
May sound simple minded and bigoted to you, but it is a statement of fact.
Maybe if you keep typing your bigoted comments everywhere you can, you might start to believe them yourself.
Redneck is a bigoted and divisive expression that has long been used to denigrate the southern white poor.
Your view of non-believers living a hedonistic, all-brakes-off lifestyle is too absurdist and bigoted to deserve further comment.
We do call televangelists bigots, but only when they say or do bigoted things, which was not stated.
Punishing an entire ethnic group for the actions of one is by definition bigoted.
For some, it's a frightening place, slow and bigoted and bizarre.
Unfortunately his bigoted neighbors had other plans.
How shocking that must be for hypocritical bigoted snobs.
There is no excuse these days bigotry of any kind and this article is a bit bigoted in my opinion.
The proper response to people who use bigoted language is to mock them.
Both espoused a racist politics and are unconscionable when it comes to appealing to the xenophobic, racist and bigoted.
There is no salvation in a narrow and bigoted partisanship.
Forget all that bigoted stuff-that's yesterday's newsletters.
Your above statement is not inherently bigoted, merely contrived.
If you think they're doing something bigoted, by all means criticize it.
It's not about being bigoted or about discrimination.
In my experience these people are highly dogmatic, self righteous and bigoted.
It's when the criticisms are unfounded, false, indiscriminate and bigoted that they need to get called.
Gee, here's a movie wonder: a small town where everyone isn't bigoted, possessed or nuts.
Beyond that, the system requires a degree of ethnic profiling that would be viewed here as bigoted.
Bigoted and inflexible ultimate consumers are problems enough.
It is a price greatness must pay to establish its credentials in a bigoted world.
It's not the old-fashioned belief in the inferiority of people of color because that's overtly bigoted.
No, they vote because of their bigoted beliefs, according to him.
They are not bigoted, as they only target a specific group that actually does the things the cartoons represent.
What do bigoted dogs hear when that mostly unknown name is enunciated.

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